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"So his gaze began to seek places and symmetries without particular monumental importance. A wall, a room, a geometry, the archtype of which, the root of memory of which, was within him rather than in the external history." Vittorio Sgarbi

"Loosing oneself in Massimo Listri's images, strong oneiric webs entwine themselves in one's thoughts. Mainly they are dreams, dreams which in any case, contrary to what happens normally when we realise to be dreaming, are inexpungeable from our minds forevermore..." Cesare Cunaccia

"What makes his work unique is how he has made interiors look so absolutely vivid, as if they had a secret life of their own that only he knows how to portray. Listri has the extraordinary ability to capture all the small details that make the difference and reveal all the stories that remain hidden behind the surface. Listri's photos transmit an almost deafening silence, as if time had stopped and humans had suddenly disappeared and the only thing reminiscent of them are the interiors they've left behind, the remains of their lives and their passions, their art and their culture." Apostolos Mitsios